Advance Topics for New Agents - Post License Course (25 hours)

Advance Topics for New Agents - Post License Course (25 hours)

The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that each Salesperson successfully complete a 25 hour Post-License course within one year of issuance of an original Salesperson license. Each of our courses are approved by GREC and satisfies the 25 hour post-license requirement. A final exam is required for every course. Our Post License Course is broken into 8 individual class segments over 4 days.

Georgia's post-license requirements (In order to fulfill Georgia's real estate post licensing requirements you need to do the following):

*Complete a 25-hour post-license course within 1 year of obtaining your original salesperson license and submit legal status verification documents to the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

It is possible to have an extension of time to complete the salespersons post-license course only if:

*You have enrolled in and paid all fees for an approved course before the date your license is scheduled to lapse and *You may NOT conduct any brokerage business after the date your license lapses until you have mailed to the Commission a completed Reinstate License Lapsed for POST Education application and the completion certificate for the sales post-license course.

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