Master Your Marketing

Master Your Marketing

Do you really need to be buying expensive Zillow Leads?

Leads that are slow to convert and often highly unqualified? 

The short answer - NO!

So what's the alternative?

Join us for a 90 minute overview and training on how to use 3 Powerful Tools to expand your contacts and your database, and create a 98% referral business.

We all start with our friends and family when we start our business. And, that only takes us so far. It's important to implement a solid, proven strategy right away to consistently be adding quality people to your database and stay top of mind with those contacts.

Ask anyone if they know a Real Estate Agent and most people can name at least half a dozen without blinking an eye. So, how do YOU become the one who gets referred; and booked for business?

High Tech, High Touch Impact Marketing is a proven system that will teach you how to -
- Network like a pro, everywhere you go.
- Connect with Others.
- Immediately follow up and begin to build a relationship and awareness.
- Be effective and build a brand on Social Media

including -


Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube - and More

Learn how to ditch the expensive, impersonal and ineffective "Mass Mail" marketing done by most in favor of personal, one to one, direct mail that makes a difference.

And, how to do all this on a budget!

Ready to learn how to build your brand, and create more leads, referrals, and SALES for your Real Estate Business?

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