Take a peek behind the scenes of the various components of the mortgage process and what can potentially kill deals. Learn how we, as real estate professionals, can prevent these issues from the beginning. Understand how to educate the consumer/buyer/seller on how to avoid and/or overcome various credit policies, regulations, and laws. You will better understand fraud identification, predatory lending, and fair housing laws as well as where to report to the authorities.

• Are you aware of the recent guideline changes as they relate to COVID-19?
• Do you know how much in closing costs the seller can pay for certain mortgage structures?
• Do you know all the mortgage structures available for “outside of the box” scenarios?
• Do you know the “Buying Personalities” of homebuyers in today’s market?
• Do you know how to reach these “Buying Personalities” in your marketing efforts?

Not only do you NEED to know this information; but you must be able to communicate this information to prospective buyers/sellers. This is imperative for you to survive the upcoming market.

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