Designing & Sustaining Successful Teams The concept of a real estate team is nothing new. They have existed for decades, but over the past several years, the team concept has evolved and become far more ubiquitous. As the real estate industry progresses and the consumers’ demands on the agent increase, many real estate professionals have begun moving their existing single-agent practice to a more sophisticated and advanced model to better serve their clients and become more profitable. “Why” there’s a need for a Team A team’s design and place in the brokerage Values and the challenges that a Team can represent How to build the best Team by recruiting the right talent Create your Team’s identity and vision through effective marketing and branding Use of technology that best fits your Team’s business Most effective new systems for time management and optimum workflow Team Leadership for Maximum Performance Today’s team leaders must deal with a myriad of challenges, such as managing turnover, training and mentoring — in addition to running a successful and profitable business. To be successful, you must develop and implement a leadership strategy that addresses these challenges and have the flexibility to adapt to different personalities and different situations. This course is designed to help you understand the different management and leadership techniques and apply them to everyday situations. Identify and evaluate your leadership style. Understanding the team success model. Developing skills – how to build top performing teams. How to help your team reach peak performance. How to retain top performing team members and keep your best people. Coaching, mentoring and accountability to align team members with the team culture. Adjusting your leadership style based on the individual and the situation. Harness performance strategies to ensure your team reaches its full potential.

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