This six (6) hour course is designed to provide real estate professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the probate process and how to successfully navigate working with probate properties and grieving families. This course will discuss what probate is and how real estate professionals can be an integral part of helping families through a sometimes difficult process.

Students will learn how to explain the probate process and how it impacts real estate professionals, identify and apply the relevant laws and regulations regarding probate sales, successfully market and list probate properties, work effectively with lawyers, executors, and other professionals, navigate the ethical and emotional challenges of working with grieving families, better understand the paperwork that is required during the probate process and how to avoid common pitfalls of the probate process.

Additionally, a real estate professional with this training can help a grieving family to sell their loved one's home quickly and for a fair price. This can help the family to alleviate financial stress and move on with their lives; A real estate professional with this training can help a probate executor to navigate the complex legal process of selling an estate property. This can save the executor time and money, and help to ensure that the estate is settled in a timely manner; and a real estate professional with this training can help to protect the interests of minor or incapacitated beneficiaries of a probate estate. This can help to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the assets that they are entitled to.

Overall, the Probate Property Specialist course helps to make the probate process more efficient and compassionate for everyone involved. This benefits the community by reducing stress for grieving families, protecting the interests of beneficiaries, and supporting the local economy.

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