Sylvia Ayonna Johnson
Sylvia Ayonna Johnson, a.k.a 'The Knowledge Broker', is a seasoned investment strategist and published author who is committed to helping Buyers, Sellers, and Investors win in all real estate transactions. It all started 20 years ago when Sylvia Ayonna ventured into the real estate industry as a property manager, next expanding her experience to residential sales and now, with a plethora of experience and knowledge, is one of the most highly respected real estate brokers in Central Florida Sylvia Ayonna's strong knowledge foundation including several years of experience in sales & marketing management with The Walt Disney Company, and now a consulting partner with The Bridges Company Real Estate team, has shaped her to be the best in what she's known for: Residential and Commercial Real Estate. Sylvia Ayonna is famously known as ‘The Knowledge Broker’ and happily serves customers throughout all of Florida and Georgia.

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