Equestrian Property Specialist (EPS) Certification Course

Delve deeper into the niche market of equestrian real estate with our comprehensive Equestrian Property Certification course at American Real Estate University. Led by Jacel Galloway, who brings 18 years of equestrian competition, training, and coaching experience, this course offers a specialized focus for equine real estate professionals.

Key Course Topics:

  • Understanding Equestrian Clients: Differentiate between amateur and professional needs, ensuring tailored service.
  • Equestrian Property Essentials: Identify characteristics that define prime equestrian properties.
  • Equine Liability Law: Learn crucial legal aspects affecting property ownership and transactions.
  • Working with Buyers and Sellers: Acquire negotiation and transaction skills for both buyers and sellers of equestrian properties.
  • Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Properties: Understand strategies for commercial versus private equestrian ventures.

This course is ideal for real estate professionals aiming to specialize in equestrian properties, providing a pathway to become authoritative agents in a lucrative market.

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