Hilary Walker
Hilary was born and raised in the UK and moved to the US in 2005 with her US Air Force husband (now retired). Her experiences have strengthened her by way of commitment to serve, providing a platinum customer service, and a desire to inform and educate. She has a Masters in Anthropology, which speaks to her love of meeting people from all walks of life. Her transition to Residential Real Estate sales in 2012 allows her to maximize her project management skills and innate ability to counsel and reduce stress for her home buying and selling clients. Since early 2015 Hilary has developed her expertise as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, working to assist older Americans with their real estate needs. Her process is not just about the house, it's about the people!


"“Well informed and animated instructor - included real life examples to illustrate objectives. Well worth the investment of time & $$!” "
"“Great Instruction, Great Info, Enjoyed the class” "
"“Extremely wonderful presenter. Guest speakers were incredible too!”"
"“Outstanding class. I cannot begin to tell you what I got out of this class. You definitely have challenged me”. "
J Lester - 2/27/2019
"“There was a lot more information than I was expecting. Great class” "
"“Great Class” "
"“Excellent Presenters, Excellent Materials, Extremely Useful” "
"“Well put together. Great Instructor” "
"“Instructor very passionate & committed!” "
"“The Instructor was the Greatest!” "
"“Hilary Walker and other speakers are passionate & very knowledgeable! The class was well worth it because of this!” "
"“I felt like a sponge that could not soak up all the great information that I learned in just 2 days! Amazing class and Amazing Instructor!” "
"“SRES is very interesting to me now. Hilary was great - Very knowledgeable” "
Bonnie Clifton - 11/1/2018
"“Great Class!” "
Andrea Lowe - 11/1/2018
"“Instructor very passionate & committed!”"
"“The instructor was the greatest!”"
"“Hilary Walker and other speakers are passionate and very knowledgeable. The class was very well worth it because of this”"
"“ I felt like a sponge that couldn’t soak up all the great information that I learned. Amazing class and amazing instructor!”"
"“Best most informative class yet!” "
Jennifer Tow – 8/2/2018
"“ One of the BEST classes I’ve ever taken!! I would love to work with seniors!” "
Lynn Peterson – 7/11/2018
"“Great location – Great Instructor.” "
Thomas Mills – 7/10/2018
"“Thanks Hilary” "
Earl Park – 6/20/2018
"“ Awesome class – Awesome instructor!” "
Cindy Banks – 6/20/2018
"“Hilary was awesome and also her guests – would recommend the class to anyone” "
Tammie Prieto – 4/26/2018

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